EMC Charities    "Rebuilding Homes and Lives for Disaster Victims"
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Ernie Mae's Christmas Charities is a multi-denominational fellowship of believers who seek to relieve suffering and share God's love in the world. EMC is a non-evangelistic service organization whose members seek to be God's hands and feet in the execution of His will here on earth. Each member of the team remains firmly committed to selfless service as workers among workers, and fiscal responsibility to contributors. EMC does not seek recognition for our efforts, but delights in the opportunity to share in the true spirit of God's love and fellowship with other like minded individuals. EMC attracts the best and brightest with a spirit of genuine camaraderie and empowerment, stretching and growing both individually and collectively in service to God and our world.

EMC Charities
45 Hardy Court #350
Gulfport, MS  39507
(678) 763-7777

EMC Charities is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. 
Our federal tax ID number is 20-8686760. 
All contributions to EMC Charities are tax deductable.



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