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a special memorial

                                               Ernie Mae Craft, Rest in Peace

Just before the New Year 2010 we received word that Ernie Mae Craft went to be with the Lord on December 29, 2009.  She passed peacefully, although we are sure she was busy striking up conversation with everyone she saw along the way!  Ernie Mae, in her frail, less than 100-pound frame, was an inspiration "larger than life" to all of us.  So much so, her home, her heart, her faith, and her spirit not only live on in our name, but also in our hearts.  

We are so pleased Ernie Mae was able to join us for another of our "reunion dinners" at Cynthia's house in September (these pictuure were taken that night).  We are not sure who had more fun -- Ernie Mae or all of us who got to siit and listen to her stories and laugh at her unassuming sense of humor.  She was one of a kind and a true blessing in our lives.  Ernie Mae Craft -- we love you -- you will be missed!  Now that you are up there in heaven, we will be expecting even more miracles! 

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