EMC Charities    "Rebuilding Homes and Lives for Disaster Victims"
Fall 2009 Project


       We chose the completion of Cynthia Holmes' home in Long Beach, MS as our Fall 2009 project.  Cynthia is very special to us.  We dug the footer for Cynthia's home nearly 18 months ago and until now her home remained incomplete.  Cynthia is a disabled widow, currently raising three grandchildren in a mobile home which to quote her pastor, Reverend Eddie "Rev. Ed" Hartwell, “has been damaged not only by Katrina, but also by the storms of life.”  In the weeks and months following hurricane Katrina, St. James Baptist church housed over 750 relief volunteers and Cynthia Holmes was at the church every day, three times a day, cooking meals for the teams.  According to Rev. Ed it wasn’t until the initial relief efforts were completed that she even approached him for some help with some “minor” repairs on her own home.  Once he saw her home, he realized that the damage to her mobile home had left it beyond repair.  Cynthia is an amazing cook and has the most infectious smile.  It was a true blessing for each of us to get to know her better and to bring a little peace into her lift.  She has so much hope and faith -- I think each of us learned so much from her example. 


Thanks to the help of many volunteer groups, Cynthia is in her home!