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                                                Next Project -- March 2014
                                            Let's Expect a Miracle in Alabama!

Our next trip is in March 2014 -- specific details to follow; however, we will more than likely be returning to Alabama to help finish the project we started in September.  (The picture below is of some of our team from the September Trip -- see our Facebeook Page for some other great photos!)  

In September we worked on a structural repair job for a man who had roof damage from the tornado that was only recently discovered and repaired.  We didn't know until we arrived just how much damage there was to the home.  The exterior and interior walls were damage, windows needed to be replaced, flooring needed to be replaced...this was a much larger project than we expected.  We did a great deal of work in September and there are other teams that followed us, but come March 2014, there will still be work to be done.  We are excited about going back to complete what we started.  As always, we love the home owner and  it is great when the day comes when they are 100% in their home!  

Again, more details to follow!  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!      


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