EMC Charities    "Rebuilding Homes and Lives for Disaster Victims"
Mission and Funding

EMC Mission:  It is EMC's mission to provide relief to those who are suffering and cannot find relief through traditional relief agencies.  We want to help those who have been told "no" one too many times.  We take on projects that may have a specific challenge -- either in construction or funding.  We want to help those who would otherwise "slip through the cracks."

Today EMC’s efforts focus on Hurricane Katrina relief along the beautiful Gulf Coast of Mississippi, but the core is rapidly growing to a status where teams can respond nationally and hopefully someday, internationally.  It is the EMC vision to create a solid network of supporters and volunteers where teams can be in a position to respond whenever and wherever needed.


EMC Funding:  EMC Charities is entirely funded by the charitable contributions of individuals and groups across the country.  Many of the largest donors are also the same people who have been at work with EMC first hand and seen what their donations can do.  EMC’s work would not be possible without their generosity.   

EMC is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.  100% of donated funds are used toward relief projects.  As "givers" just like you, we want to be able to see the real results of our gifts.  We keep the money flowing where it should be, on tangibles like materials and tools and not on intangible administrative "fluff."  All administrative and legal fees are paid for by our core members or services are donated.  EMC accepts donations through the mail and also through PayPal.                                                                     


















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